Weinbach grand pianos are reliable instruments with a rich, cultivated tone that you will fall in love with. Thanks to their elegant design, they will become a highlight of any interior.

Weinbach RG 162 

The Weinbach 162 piano is the smaller of the two models on offer. The soul of this piano consists of a shorter acoustic element, which nevertheless excels in a rich and colorful sound.
This instrument is a proven partner for conservatory students who need a reliable instrument for practice.
It is also suitable for schools and smaller interiors, where it will bring joy to anyone who longs for a strong piano sound at a reasonable price.

Technical information

Length (mm) 1620
Width (mm) 1505
Height (mm) 1020
Weight (kg) 332
Sound board material Veneered - Resonance spruce
Ribs 10
Surfacing of iron plate gold paint
Pin block - material plywood
Wooden frame posts 3 longitudinal - beech
Cut off bar (corner cross rib) yes
Bridge - treble solid maple wood
Bridge - bass solid maple wood
Agraffes material - number brass, 1-53
Duplexes - front d2 - c5
Duplexes - rear d2 - c5
Strings - material steel wire, copper winding
Hitching of plain strings double
Dampers - number 1 - 68
Action P.A.P.
Keyboard P.A.P.
Black keys plastic
Pedals left – Piano pedal, middle -
Muffler (moderator),right – Forte pedal
Castors small unbraked castors
Felts colour green + red
Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech. yes


  • Stable construction suitable for intensive use
  • Action installation, regulation, tuning, and voicing are made in PETROF 
  • Favorable price 
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