Weinbach grand pianos are reliable instruments with a rich, cultivated tone that you will fall in love with. Thanks to their elegant design, they will become a highlight of any interior.

Weinbach 180

The Weinbach 180
piano is a great partner for anyone looking for a stable and sound-rich instrument that will last a very intense playing.
The powerful bass and resounding treble
of this piano ensure its versatility across musical genres. Its use found mainly in music schools and smaller concert halls.
Other advantages of this edition of Weinbach pianos include their favorable price.

Technical information

Length (mm) 1800
Width (mm) 1580
Height (mm) 1030
Weight (kg) 350
Sound board material Veneered - Resonance spruce
Ribs 12
Surfacing of iron plate gold paint
Pin block - material plywood
Wooden frame posts 4 longitudinal - beech
Cut off bar (corner cross rib) yes
Bridge - treble solid maple wood
Bridge - bass solid maple wood
Agraffes material - number brass, 1-53
Duplexes - front d2 - c5
Duplexes - rear fis1 - c5
Strings - material steel wire, copper winding
Hitching of plain strings double
Dampers - number 1 - 68
Action P.A.P.
Keyboard P.A.P.
Black keys plastic
Pedals left – Piano pedal, middle -
Muffler (moderator),right – Forte pedal
Castors small unbraked castors
Felts colour green + red
Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech. yes


  • Stable construction suitable for intensive use
  • Action installation, regulation, tuning, and voicing are made in PETROF 
  • Favorable price 
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